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Prepping Your Home For Sale

Prepping your home is one of the best ways to sell fast for the most money. I mean that is the goal, right? Here are some tips to help you prep your house or property for listing it with a Realtor® in the CC-V district.

First, look at your home through the lens of potential buyers. I am not talking about the personal aspects of your home (yet). I mean what are some projects you have on the “honey-do-list” that aren’t getting checked off? Maybe you need to caulk your windows, or perhaps convert the back bedroom to a proper guest room. Getting some of these smaller projects done will make a world of a difference through the eyes of potential buyers. It’s one less thing they will have to update themselves after purchasing the home! The house or property with the least amount of work that needs to be done is the winner 9 times out of 10. Unless the buyer is an investor or a house flipper.

Second, decluttering is a MUST. While you are packing to move yourself, you will probably declutter as you go, but why not save time and get the hard part done first? Starting now means there will be less of your personal aspects around so you can showcase the raw beauty of your dwelling! Just 10-15 minutes a day going through a room and deciding what you don’t need any more is one simple step that will make the selling process easier on you.

Third, any major project you have been thinking about completing needs a plan of action. It’s a pretty cold time of year up here so it might not be the best time to paint the exterior of the home. However, you can start thinking about your timeline to sell and line up the professionals you might need to help with your projects. Installing gutters on your roof or putting down new flooring in the dining room can be done in the spring and will add value to your home. Make a list of what you would like to do to the house before you sell.

Finally, make sure to talk with a Realtor® to get a list of what buyers are looking for in the current market. We are here to serve you, and if you click here you can download a free pre-listing checklist to help you get ready for listing your home. Check out the Seller Tips page here for more tips and market updates as well.

Questions or comments? Contact Ruthie Grainger-Starr

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