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New Year

It is a new year and many people set resolutions, but how many people keep them? I for one am not one to set resolutions for the new year. But it is fun to hear some of my friends lament about how they are going to do things differently in the new year.

In the real estate world, I don’t see much change for the first part of 2022 in the market. The market is still a sellers’ market due to a lack of inventory and high demand. Interest rates for the time are holding steady at 2.70%. If this changes I think the market will even out. In the Cripple Creek- Victor District housing is still a large issue, with many people looking for a place to rent.

For investors this is a large market to purchase, build, or remodel homes in the district. Rentals seem to be a hot item that many people are having a hard time finding anywhere in the county. If you are thinking of purchasing a rental property, contact me for a free guide to owning rental properties.

In the ranching world, we are as busy as ever working on fences and getting cows to winter pasture. Soon we will have calves running around and I am super excited for the summer. Feeding is taking up the morning hours and the joy it brings to watch the yearlings come running is unmatched. Enjoying time with family while out in God’s country is the highlight of my day!

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