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Home-Owners Insurance: The Necessary Evil

Homeowners insurance is a necessary evil. When you buy a home, you GET to buy home-owners insurance, and it's required by your mortgage lender. It sounds like a great deal, right? When you are purchasing homeowners insurance, it is important to ensure you are getting the best coverage for your area. In Southern Teller County, one thing to look out for when buying a home is if the property is in a flood plane. If it is, you must buy Flood Insurance.

Another component of home insurance that we can see in the mountains is Fire Coverage. Fortunately, in our area, we do not have a great number of fires due to fire mitigation by the residents, but some larger fires have impacted the area, and insurance companies are requiring fire coverage on their policies. The Cripple Creek & Victor area is a desert tundra, so there are cold days, but when there is a drought, it can get rough. Recent storms have brought some much-needed moisture, but the fire danger can change every day depending on the winds.

Keeping up on knowing what you will need for homeowners insurance will be helpful in ensuring you do not get hit with bigger issues down the road!

Have more questions about homeowners insurance? Give us a call!

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